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you see how late it is on doppler radar and blues and few greens out there. green heading through the sunol grade. town toward mission boulevard. as you come across the san mateo bridge you will run in light rain around foster city boulevard and ride into san mateo right now. best radar returns are over the santa cruz mountains. as far as the rain, you can see it coming in waves of mist and light rain. as we head past noon, all of us have an isolated afternoon shower at least a chance. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. >> east shore freeway, richmond on to university and onto albany and berkeley, servicing crowded but it's funneling into bay bridge toll plaza. trouble spot north 101
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sunnyvale. two lanes blocked. slow traffic backing towards the lawrence expressway. the waze app that shows the northbound standstill all the way back towards the lawrence expressway. this is free app you can download on apple app store or google play. . new this morning, president obama is back at the white house after visiting newtown, connecticut. he walked out of marine one after delivering an emotional tribute to the victims of the tragedy. he called on the nation to change so another mass shooting like this one never happens again. >> olivia, josephine. >> more than 900 mourners that packed the high school heard
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emotional obama admit the country has faild him. >> this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by mass shooting. >> he will use the power of presidency like the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. >> these tragedies must end. to end them we must change. >> outside an emotional reaction from the shattered community to the president's visit. >> it was very touching, it did mean a lot. >> we have six kids. that is how we will be judged. >> new and chilling details about adam lanza's past have emerged. according to the governor the rampage ended ten minutes after it began when lanza where he opened fire heard wailing sirens from law enforcement approaching and shot himself once in the head. >> we surmise it was during the
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second classroom episode that he heard responders coming and apparently decided to take his own life. >> also this morning, new clues about the 20-year-old shooter. computers and videos were removed from the lanza family home that could provide clues into his motive. friends of adam lanza's murdered mother nancy became concerned over the last few months about her son's behavioral issues. >> i think it was difficult for her to try to get him in regular life. >> all of the schools in the area are closed today. students from sandy hook will resume classes at an unused school in matter of days. stay with us for continuing coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut. at 6:15 we'll hear from the classmates of adam lanza. coming up at 6:30, a new story of survival emerging from sandy
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hook. at 7:00 tune into a special edition of "good morning america." entire show will be devoted to the tragedy. reporter laura anthony is also in connecticut and she will have live reports. now back to our storm watch coverage. new storm moved into the bay area overnight in the santa cruz mountains are getting hit with showers this morning. reporter terry mcsweeney joins us live, how heavy are they? >> it's pretty light showers but it doesn't stop. it's been going for at least three hours up here, probably longer than that. take a look at pictures, at the summit give you an idea what is going on. you can see some cars and trucks going through. again, nothing heavy, but it just doesn't quit. now with the traffic getting a little heavier, probably a good time to keep that in mind. also, in the north bay, look at pictures we have from the golden
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gate bridge. showers this morning and video this morning around 2:30 this morning. i came across the golden gate bridge around 3:00, a little bit before, it was light showers at that time. it was coming down heavier down there than it has since i got here to the santa cruz mountains. it was early in the going. we've got a fuel morning in front of us and full morning commute to deal with this rain. nothing in the way of a downpour. haven't seen anything approaching a weather caused accident but again, it is early in the going. terry mcsweeney, "abc 7 news." >> light behind him makes it looks like it is raining harder than it is. >> we do have traffic and weather go to the next on abc morning news. a live look on the embarcadero. you can see san francisco streets are wet. mike nicco will have the full
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forecast and sue hall will have the latest from the traffic center with a few accidents including a big problem northbound 101 in sunnyvale. >> and milestone southwest made the merger
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we're going to start with
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live doppler. up in the north bay, radar returns up around napa. more around the american canyon and down to vallejo. as you head toward fairfield and across the san mateo bridge heading over to east taylor street and grant avenue. sunol grade a little light rain showing up on the radar right now. as far as visibility. three miles in napa so it's very light rain for you this morning. >> heavy traffic 80 westbound, we had a car into a wall on gillman. but traffic remains heavy all the way into the macarthur maze. between stone crest and hagen, downed power line blocking that area there. to the peninsula, sunnyvale, south bay, north 101 an accident
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at matilda and that is backing things towards lawrence expressway. new this morning, pilots for united airlines agreed to a new contract over the weekend. it covers pilots who came from united along those that work with continental. the deal includes a 43% pay raise over four years plus larger retirement compensation. they merged back in 2010 but the contract dispute with pilots had been a longstanding issue. >> our coverage of the school tragedy in connecticut continues next on abc7 morning news. ahead. photos released by the families getting ready to say goodbye to their little loved ones today. how one n.f.l. star paid tribute to a victim who saw the player as a hero.
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>> light rape is the big story as we look at radar this morning over the last three house, waves of light rain that will continue through 7:00. few showers hanging around by noon. taper those showers to isolated and see some sunshine but temperatures in the low to mid 50s through the better part of today. as we head through 7:00, temperatures in the mid 50s. best chance of showers over the ocean. we'll have frost in a lot of places wednesday morning and bigger storm comes in thursday. continuing coverage on the school tragedy in connecticut. here is the latest information. this morning funerals will take place of two of the 20 children
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that were kill in the attack. sandy hook elementary will remain closed indefinitely. they are expected to resume classes at neighboring school on wednesday. the investigation into adam lanza continues. authorities removed computers and videos from the family home over the weekend. >> one of funerals will be of noah posner. it will take place at fairfield connecticut and burial will follow in a neighboring town. they say he loved playing with his twin sister. family members say they have yet to tell the siblings what happened. >> the other funeral today will be for jack pin who is also six years old. he loved baseball, wrestling and skiing. they say football was his first love. he idolized victor cruz. he paid tribute to him, jack opinion to my hero in one of his
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tweets. out of the tragedy, there is remarkable story of survival. a little girl whose instincts told her to play dead. she was the only student in the first grade class to make it out alive. >> she was the first student that ran out of the sandy hook school. she ran out of the school building covered in blood from head to toe. she said whether she got outside mommy, i'm okay but all my friends are dead. >> pastor added the little girl's family is suffering survivors guilty. >> former classmates they didn't see any warning signs of trouble before friday's rampage. as we mentioned, they removed computers and videos that could provide important clues into the motive behind the shooting. by all accounts, lanza didn't confide his plans with anyone.
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>> i would think anyone, a lot of people just saw him as someone -- >> they have said they recovered the evidence to help with the motive but they are not sharing any of the details with the public. >> we're seeing some accidents out there this morning on roadways. don't know if it is related to the light rain but certainly that is what we have in store for you in the bay area. >> light lane and mild temperatures. that is going to change as we head towards tomorrow morning. we'll talk about the fog and real strong storm is coming in for thursday. here is a look from santa cruz mountains. highway 17 where terry mcsweeney is right now. rain is light. i believe because he is sitting out there in it. what you are seeing because smashing a three dimensional image into 2-d the rain looks a lot heavier but it is falling sideways. you can see the branches in the trees there.
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it is a little gusty this morning. live doppler 7-hd, you can see we have radar returns all over the bay area with some of the better ones right over fairfield around travis boulevard all the way back down 80 into american canyon and heading towards vallejo. coming over towards hayward from the san mateo bridge. you can see right there, harder road, ten any son road, castro valley getting light rain also and bigger picture shows more rain up to the north. cold front is sparking that is going to give us a chance of shower during the afternoon hours. rain totals since six hours ago, you notice it's been very light in the south bay. nothing in hayward but falling right now, .15 in san rafael. low to mid 50s.
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from antioch at 51. to san francisco at about 56. we have 55 in san jose and oakland one of cooler spots along with concord at 52. monterey at 58. morning rain, steady, pretty light and then just a shower during the afternoon hours. frosty tonight and looks like we'll have a widespread frost for wednesday. then the strongest of the storms will come in thursday with gusty winds and heavy rain. here is a look at the system. the gateway to colder air. freckled nature of the clouds. you can see steadier rain stay around noon and noon into the afternoon hours a stray shower is possible. overnight we see clearing and frost developing around inland valleys as we head toward saturday morning and afternoon, next system slides in. it reinforces the cold air, tuesday night into wednesday morning, we could even have
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frost around the bay area and some 20s inland. by wednesday afternoon, mid 50s and then we'll have the stronger storm move in thursday. periods of rain for friday and then another stormy system for saturday. >> good morning. we have rain at the san mateo bridge, you can see the taillights disappearing into the heavy rain and clouds -- i don't know if it is fog but some of the rain kicking off the roadway. slow traffic eastbound as you make your way towards hayward. 20 minute drive between east bay and peninsula. metering lights are on bay bridge. traffic is sluggish into san francisco. back to sunnyvale, that accident cleared to the shoulder. i want to show you waze app, bumper-to-bumper all the way towards the expressway due to the earlier accident. it's slow traffic really remains
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here all the way from san jose towards sunnyvale. ahead, food from your freezer, michael finney finds out if frozen appetizers pass the taste test. >> and live look at doppler 7-hd blue representing rain. michael will tell us where it is hitting the ground. sue will tell us again where the trouble spots are. >> today at 3:00, on abc7, we want to let you know a badge on facebook and we have a special edition of katie on the mass shooting elementary in newtown, connecticut today at
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time to look for live doppler. light rain for the morning commute. you can see blue and green and it's just about everywhere. maybe up to light rain before you know it. most of the rain above is dipping around modesto. anywhere north of fresno, valley rain and mountain snow. south parts of the state, mid to upper 60s with partly sunny conditions. this is for the western slopes, that is why you need chains
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because four to eight inches will fall. ready made appetizers from your freezer can save you time especially if you are throwing a holiday party but how do they taste. here are the results of a brand-new consumer reports taste test. >> good morning, tis the season to celebrate with family and food. consumer reports finds certain ready made appetizers can save you time and money. >> want to be the hostess without the mostess look no further than the supermarket freezer. they tested appetizers and tacos and spinach pie. >> some were really good. >> these leak leaving a lot of cheese on the tray.
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of the six cheese sticks tested only one turned out to be very good. farm ridge were big and tasty. >> the other side were mediocre. >> mexican appetizers can be high in fat and calories. lowest rated in the text, deli mix chicken. frozen april tidesers were greek inspired spinach pies, all six tasted very good. costco's cuisine adventure were fresh. another good choice spinach pie. crispy was fresh tasting spinach. >> it's not an easy thing to make at home so it's a good thing to buy at home. >> and remember, light snack before a party can help you
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avoid overindulging. >> when organizing a cocktail party, plan on serving eight appetizers per person and five for the rest of the party. figure three to four appetizers a person. still ahead. the bay area waking up to showers. let's give you a live look meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the commuters facing the wet drive to work right now. >> also ahead, this man speaks out. california man who baby sat newtown school gunman adam lanza reveals what he was like as a kid. >> students heading back to school for the first time since the mass shooting in connecticut. they have a lot of questions and concerns. in san francisco, teachers will in san francisco, teachers will have a little help with my keurig vue brewer,
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i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue.
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good morning, it is 6:29. you are looking at live picture at the santa cruz mountains, rain is light. terry mcsweeney is up there and will tell you more about that coming up. i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: i'm kristen sze. the question for you right now before you head to work, is it off or on for you. >> good morning. steady rain down in the santa cruz mountains, steady rain was up in the north bay, you can see a lot of blue and a little bit of green. we have some drizzle and light rain. we are picking up light rain around tennison boulevard around hayward and then over to dublin.
6:30 am
you can see milpitas. anchor road and heading over to cupertino and few more heading toward san francisco, daly city and colma and half moon bay. this is all moving from west to east. it will be most prevalent during the morning hours. by noon, temperatures will hold steady in the low to mid 50s. >> live look did he golden gate bridge, roads are wet. traffic is moving nicely heading into san francisco from the waldo grade in marin county. 680, injury accident blocking an off-ramp, back to traffic app showing 101 northbound jammed from the expressway, from santa clara up to sunnyvale. an earlier accident at mada very heavy traffic remains. to navigate your commute, free app at apple app store or google
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play. first of 28 funerals will take place today in connecticut. two young boys killed at sandy hook elementary will be buried. this morning we are hearing a new story of survival. news reporter joins us live from the newsroom. >> six-year-old jack pinto and noah pos never will be laid to rest. jack pinto will be laid in victor cruz's jersey because that was his hero. he will take his cleats and gloves to pinto's family. sandy hook nurse sally cox is talking for the first time when she knew something it was terrible happening. she heard loud popping sounds. she hid under her computer desk and gunman entered her office. >> i heard the door close. he probably walked in and i
6:32 am
could see him from the knees down. >> right in front of you. >> 20 feet away, facing his boots were facing my desk. >> then he turned and walked away. >> it was seconds and turned and walked out and i heard the door closed. >> what do you do next? >> after the door closed, i don't know how the secretary had the courage, but he raced into my office and pulled the door closed and raced behind my desk. we pulled the phone off my desk. i held the phone while she dialed 911. >> over the weekend, governor of connecticut because the nurse and secretary called 911 so fast emergency responders were able to get to the school quickly and prevent more killings. of course we know the shooter turned on himself when he heard police closing in. after that, the nurse and secretary stayed hidden for almost four hours. they were petrified and didn't
6:33 am
know how many shooters there could have been. you can see sally's interview and incredible story of survival with george stephanopolous coming up after the newscast. time is 6:33. >> they are holding a news conference, let's listen in. >> we will not stop until we interview every last one of them. we are holding both crime scenes the school and secondary crime scene indefinitely. we seized it under search warrants and hold those locations until we have completed our work and we feel it is appropriate to let them go. so not to read anything into that. it is common practice to do that. to hold on to the crime scene as long as it is needed for investigative purposes. we have the gun processing the evidence and analyzing the evidence.
6:34 am
as i stated yesterday, to use an example, weaponry, every single facet of the weapons will be analyzed. every single round of ammunition will be looked at and examined for any kind of physical evidence. i alluded yesterday to the volume of rounds that were seized or recovered. each image is ghrar round will be examined to give you an idea of the process. all the evidence that will be processed and analyze every single piece. i can't detail any evidence or even what that evidence is for public consumption. i want to restate again, thank you for helping us in this -- any threats, any information intended to mislead investigators in this case will in fact be completely and thoroughly investigated and if appropriate prosecuted if anyone attempts to threaten or mislead
6:35 am
people. irrespective -- >> we will also tell you here in the bay area, school districts are reviewing their safety plans in the wake of the tragedy in connecticut. "abc 7 news" reporter amy hollyfield is live in san francisco with more on that part of the story. >> if you know -- speak one teacher said it was the 9/11 for teachers. teachers say they did spend the weekend, how they could calm students today. what they will say. teachers' union here in san francisco sent out an e-mail with a guide to help them steer the conversations. president of the union says --
6:36 am
>> school should be a safe place. it should be a place of refuge in addition to be a place of learning. when a school is violated like this, it goes to heart of all us educators. >> reporter: california emergency management agency offers steps. some of those include your school's emergency action plan, also know your school's alert system for parents and create or review your family's action plan. if you are familiar with plans, today is good day to start asking questions, there will be a lot of questions today. stay with us for continuing coverage of the connecticut school tragedy. "good morning america" is devoting two hours to the tragedy. george stephanopolous, josh
6:37 am
elliot will be live. coverage starts at 7:00. >> we are keeping track of light rain in the bay area right now. traffic and weather together. here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can see rain is coming down there. mike nicco will have the full accu-weather forecast. there have been some accidents and we'll check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >> also ahead, he wasn't santa but he was trying to come down the chimney when he got stuck.
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we've got slow traffic by waze app, this 101 northbound, in santa clara-sunnyvale area around matilda. that has been cleared out of the lanes just before 237 but traffic is jammed northbound. we're going to take 85 or perhaps 280 to get around this until traffic recovers but 101 north is jammed. >> good morning. a little wet out this morning. light rain and drizzle. even in areas you do not see blue and green this morning. we are still getting some wet weather and that will hang around until this morning. tapering down around 4:00. temperatures will hang out low to mid-50s. grab a heavy coat. don't worry about the wet weather gear. as we head tuesday, shower best
6:41 am
chance over the ocean. colder morning on wednesday and bigger storm and heavy flooding rain on thursday. new this morning, in san francisco where firefighters rescued a man who was stuck in a chimney overnight. it happened around midnight at a six story apartment building near clue street in the laurel heights neighborhood. it caused quite a xeogs for people that live there. investigators don't know why the man was in the chimney but they say he was not treasury passing. firefighters got him out and man is expected to be okay. ahead, teddy bears for sandy hook. thousands of stuffed animals now on the way torn apart by tragedy. >> and trading is under way on wall street. live look and dow is up 42 points. all eyes will be on apple stock this morning, dipping below 500 a share for the first time since february. we're going live t
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this is doppler radar this morning, you can see the radar returns west to east as we have a moist flow coming off the ocean. rainfall is making it south of 80 and south of san jose right now. watch out for light rain if you are traveling there and high elevation snow today all the way down to fresno and yosemite. southern california, mid to upper 50s with partly sunny sky. winter storm warning for western slope until midnight. chains required on all highways heading up to the sierra. four to eight inches of additional snow above 4500 feet.
6:45 am
>> we have developing news from san francisco where police are investigating a home invasion this morning. it took place around 2:00 this morning on sloat boulevard across from the lakeshore shopping center. three men wearing masks stormed into the home and tied up the people inside. investigators don't know why that home was targeted or what was taken, they do know that nobody was hurt. >> kristen: "good morning america" will have much more on the school tragedy in newtown coming up at 7:00. here is paula with a preview. >> coming up we will bring you a special edition, tragedy at sandy hook the search for solutions, we have breaking knew details about the gunman, we will be live with the latest on the investigation, all next on gma. >> for a memorial in newtown continues to grow.
6:46 am
this is how the memorial looked last night. holiday lights are mixed in with flowers and teddy bears. one family donated 3,000 teddy bears. memorial is also brings in visitors from neighboring towns to stopping by to pay respects. >> by all accounts the shooter adam lanza was a loner that kept mostly to himself. they saw no reason to fear him before friday's shooting. a neighbor who baby sat him when he was ten he was quiet kid, ryan craft now lives in southern california and he says he never saw any red flags. >> i remember when we were doing something, build legos he was really focused on it. he was like in his own world. >> coming up on "good morning america," the man who mentored adam lanza advising him will give his memories.
6:47 am
you can express your sympathy this badge a show of support. >> a quick check how gun makers are faring following the shooting. >> investors continue to eye fiscal cliff talks. jane king is live with these stories and more. >> gun control advocates including democratic senator dianne feinstein have gun makers in their eye. they are down and smith and wesson are lower as both of stocks lost more than 4% as events unfolded we do have a higher open overall for markets this morning. in spite of weak numbers on manufacturing here in the new york area. optimism might be because president obama and house speaker appear to be getting
6:48 am
closer on fiscal cliff talks. bloomberg index is trading up. we continue to watch apple shares. they did slip below 500 early this morning in the pre-market. citigroup says apple's asian suppliers have been posting lower orders for the iphone 5. can you see see and touch but hear and taste and smell things off the devices. this is your suit of artificial intelligence has been ongoing for years. they are taking a cognitive computing more seriously these days. i'm jane king, bloomberg news. >> we have a storm, not a very cold one. >> very mild out this morning. temperatures in the 50s. that is where they are going to stay the better part of the day.
6:49 am
steady rain in the santa cruz mountains, where the rain is falling, light rain, more impressive, we have lights shining on and three dimensional image and smashing it into two dimensional image. it looks heavier than it is and causing slickness on 35 and 17? in the santa cruz mountains. doppler radar and satellite, best radar returns down in the south and over towards the east. in fact around dublin heading over to livermore, hacienda, even stone ridge, all those areas showing rain right now. 84, niles boulevard fremont towards newark. heading over to san francisco, daly city, south san francisco, colma, pacifica and brisbane getting a little bit of light rain. we have more showers up to the north. those are going to slide down
6:50 am
with the cold front and bring us scattered shower in the afternoon. rainfall amounts most impressive up in the north bay. half an inch in santa rosa to nearly tenth around san francisco and oakland to nothing measurable yet in san jose. mild temperatures, 51 in antioch to 57 in san rafael. 52 in gilroy to 58 in monterey. morning steady rain and scattered showers this afternoon. it's going to be frosty and better chance of widespread frost wednesday. heavy rain and gusty winds and gusty winds for thursday. behind this system we have real cold air coming in for the next couple nights. stead zi rain hanging around say noon. then during the afternoon hours, you see it gets quieter with isolated shower possible. with the clearing overnight, frost in the inland valleys, mainly 30s and 40s around the bay. as we head towards tuesday afternoon, weak pulse of energy
6:51 am
across the ocean and then tuesday night into wednesday morning, we could have frost just about anywhere as it will be one of coldest mornings we've had this season. wednesday afternoon, partly sunny and mid 50s, strong storm comes in thursday, another strong storm coming if for saturday with more rain on sunday. good morning everyone. a stall with headlights headed southbound 101 past lucas valley road headed in the southbound direction towards the civic center and up over to san rafael. no problems with it. 680 blocking south main off-ramp. it's an overturn. slowing past the scene, back to sunnyvale, we had an earlier accident on matilda. highway 87 was jammed all the way toward the earlier scene. until it begins to recover, you want to take 85 or 280.
6:52 am
ahead, five things to know before you go. >> the morning news
6:53 am
welcome back. live look at golden gate bridge, it's raining there. wet bridge deck as the cars stream into san francisco. rain in many parts of the san francisco. mike will tell you exactly where coming up in the forecast. >> rain is going to be the first of the five things to know before we go. number one, new storm brought wet weather and winds throughout the bay area. we have seen heavy downpours in santa cruz mountains. light rain at golden gate bridge. it's expected to remain wet for the morning commute. >> number two, connecticut police held a news conference about the elementary school shooting that claimed 26 lives, 20 of them children, little information was released at the
6:54 am
briefing except that the investigation continues and they are narrowing the focus on the motive. >> number three, first finals for two of the six-year-old victims today. one will be buried in jersey of football hero victor cruz. meantime, other students in the grieving community returned to their classroom,000 morning where there is extra security and counselors on hand. >> number four, a new challenge facing school teachers as they face nervous students looking for answers following friday's tragedy. in san francisco schools, students will see tightened security measures on some campuses. >> memorials continue tonight in the bay area. on the peninsula, a service of remembrance will get underway at 7:00 p.m. it will take place at first presbyterian church of burlingame.
6:55 am
>> final check of your accu-weather forecast. >> we'll start with final look at live doppler 7-hd. radar is showing best radar return in solano county heading down, a little bit of light rain towards colma and brisbane and southern sections have san francisco, possibly near mission and around san jose where we are getting some better radar returns. rain is tapering to drizzle and ramping back up to light rain. that is what we're going to have through the better part of this morning. by the afternoon hours, an isolated shower is possible, a little pocket of sunshine and temperatures just like they are right now, low to mid 50s. be prepared for thursday because a big storm on the way. >> back to the bay bridge, metering lights are on, carpool lanes are getting by with no problem, traffic is back toward the west grand overcrossing and
6:56 am
macarthur maze and sluggish on the upper deck. golden gate bridge wet as well, traffic moving out of marin county but wet conditions remain there. final look at our abc7 waze app showing you north 101 jammed in san jose, up towards sunnyvale to 237 due to an earlier accident. this is free app for you at the apple app store to help you move around the commute. >> thank you very much. morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during a special edition of "good morning america." >> bye-bye.
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good morning, america, from newtown. this morning, hard questions from the president. >> are we really prepared to say that we're powerless in the face of such carnage? >> his dramatic call for change after the deadliest grade school shooting in history. >> let us find the strength to carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> this morning, indelible images of the youngest victims. >> ready, now, go.

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